Z Garment Racks W/Shelves

Z Garment Racks with Shelves

One of the advantages of the high-quality construction of our professional-grade garment racks is that you can load down our racks and still roll them around easily, without fear of instability. Adding a shelf or two to our racks enhances their convenience even more by letting you move boxes, shoes, accessories or other items around on the rack.

Our shelves are made of 3/16-inch wire in a grid shape to provide the optimum balance of strength and light weight. The shelf has a 1-inch lip around the perimeter to keep items from shifting and falling off the shelf when you are rolling around the garment rack.

Bottom shelves fold up so you can still nest Z racks for compact storage when the garment racks are not in use. Top shelves do not fold out of the way so they prevent nesting.

Many of our garment racks can accommodate a top shelf, a bottom shelf or even both at the same time. They can be used with racks of various heights. Because our professional-grade Z garment racks have a load capacity of up to 500 pounds, they can handle a full row of hanging garments and still support the weight of additional items stored on the shelves.

Use the convenient top or bottom shelf on your Z garment rack to maximize your storage or display space. You’ll get the same strength and quality in our shelves as you’ll find in our other products made of quality materials here in the United States.