Strong Garment Racks for Personal or Professional use

If you’re used to the usual, flimsy garment racks sold in most stores, you can imagine the disaster that would occur if they tried our burly-guy-chin-up test, pictured at right. Weak and wobbly garment racks made of thin-gauge metal, tiny wheels and cheap plastic parts just won’t get the job done when you need the strength to handle hundreds of pounds of heavy garments. Our racks have load capacities ranging from 250 pounds (call it one burly guy) to 500 pounds (able to handle the two-burly-guy-chin-up test).

High-quality, all-metal construction and smart design features make our garment racks several cuts above those flimsy alternatives. That’s why you’ll find Sean James products in use in busy professional laundries, holding dozens of heavy choir robes in churches or loaded down with band uniforms and athletic uniforms in schools, as well as dozens of other uses. You’ll also find them in home closets and basements, providing storage for out-of-season clothes or extra clothes.
Lifetime No Overload Guarantee!
Lifetime No Overload Guarantee!
If you use our racks within the stated weight limits under normal use conditions and the rack bends, sags, breaks or falls, we will replace it or fix it with no questions asked!
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  • Damn, they're good at what they do: quick, personable and a superior product to boot! I thank you, my clothes thank you. Going to buy again!! ....

    P. Williams, Dorchester, MA

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Z Garment Rack, Heavy Duty, 5-ft to 6'-ft Uprights, Adjustable
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Clothing Rack, Collapsible
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2 Rail Collapsible w/Top Shelf
Z Clothes  Rack w/Bottom Shelf, 5' Base, 5' to 6' Upright
Z Garment Rack with Cover, Height Adjustable Uprights
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Our garment racks also come with a variety of options to expand their usefulness. Large rubber wheels and sturdy metal casters allow you to move heavy racks of garments easily and safely. This means our racks truly are rolling clothes racks that won’t tip or wobble or fight you every step of the way. The design of the base of our garment racks keeps the weight centered between the wheels to prevent tipping and to add stability. Some models have second hang rails that can be adjusted to various heights to accommodate garments of differing lengths so clothes on the top rail don’t interfere with the lower rail. Our Four-in-One models can be set to four different overall heights to fit whatever space and hanging needs you have. Top and bottom shelves can be attached for additional storage space. If you’re putting clothes into long-term storage, or just want to protect them from dust, consider one of our vinyl covers that protect your clothes and still let you see at a glance what’s on the rack. Special supports for our vinyl covers keep everything neat and in place.

The combination of quality construction, smart features and our great customer service is the reason you’ll find our garment racks on the job in so many schools, churches, offices, laundries and other businesses, but they also make a long-lasting and high-quality option for home use. They stand up to daily use and heavy loads. In fact, all of our racks come with our lifetime “no overload guarantee,” which means they won’t bend, break or fail under the load capacities we advertise when used indoors or we’ll fix or replace the rack at no expense to you.

Garment Racks Etc. has been in business since 1998, providing fast and responsive service. We usually ship your order within one business day. Browse our selection of racks, garment bags and other accessories, see the reviews from other customers and order with confidence, knowing that our garment racks provide professional quality and unmatched strength and durability.