Garment Bags Hi-Capacity

Grip-Tite High Capacity Garment Bags

For travel, storage or shipping, give your clothing the ultimate in protection with a Grip-Tite garment bag from Garment Racks Etc. Our Grip-Tite garment bags come in three lengths. Choose the 42-inch bag for suits, shirts or blouses, the 57-inch garment bag for coats or dresses and the 66-inch garment bag to accommodate gowns, formal wear or other longer articles of clothing. Whichever length you order, the Grip-Tite garment bags offer 15 inches of hanging space. But one of the main features that separates these garment bags from lesser bags is the Grip-Tite locking system, which holds your garments firmly in place without wrinkling them and lets you put up to 20 articles of clothing in the bag for storage, shipping or for travel. The clamping systemís rubber seals grip the hangers while your garments are fully protected inside the bag. Plus, a lock can be placed on the clamps for additional security.

The Grip-Tite garment bag provides professional-grade protection for your clothing. The body of the bag is made of sturdy 8 ounce cotton canvas that will withstand the rigors of travel. A heavy-duty zipper main closure and a handy utility pocket are part of the Grip-Titeís high-quality and thoughtful design. Your clothing is completely enclosed and protected from dust.

In addition to the standard navy blue color, customized bags are available as special orders in quantities of 25 or more and are popular with high school bands and other organizations who want to show their colors while protecting their uniforms or costumes.

Choose the Grip-Tite garment bag from Garment Racks Etc. and give your clothing the best possible protection for storage or for travel.