Z-41, 4 Height  Adjustments Z Racks

Sean James Adjustable Z Racks
4 Height Settings in 1 Adjustable Rolling Garment Rack
Choose 1, 2 or Split Hang Rails - Adjusts From 5 Ft to 7 Ft Tall

What garment rack do you buy if you need to hang formal dresses this week, menís suits next week, and a double row of childrenís jackets the following week? You could spend a lot of money buying several different racks, or you could choose the convenient solution of the Sean James Z 4-In-1 Garment Racks.

The Sean James Z 4-in-1 line of racks give you even more versatility than our 2 height adjustment racks because you can configure these racks several ways. First, you can adjust the height of the hanging rail to four different settings. Extensions allow you to set the hang rail at 5 feet, 6 feet, 6.5 feet or the full 7 feet. These settings provide vertical hanging space between the rail and the top of the base of 64 inches, 74 inches, 79 inches and 84 inches, respectively. This means you can set the rail at the top position and have room to hang even long, formal gowns. Or, you can lower the rail to the standard five feet for better accessibility. If you need to hang a greater quantity of menís suits, for example, you can add a second hang rail, so you can double the horizontal hanging space.

The flexibility doesnít end there, either. You can add a bottom shelf to give you additional storage space for cartons or flat goods. If youíre wondering if the Sean James Z 4-In-1 can handle two rails of clothing and cargo on a shelf, the answer is yes. Because these high-quality racks are made with our all-metal construction, they have a load capacity of 400 pounds. Plus, the large wheels and sturdy casters make them easy to roll and stable.

So if you want maximum versatility in a quality garment rack, choose the Sean James Z 4-In-1 instead of buying a fleet of lesser racks.