Why Buy from Us?

Right from the start, there’s a very important distinction between Garment Racks Etc. and our competitors. Garment racks are a part of our name because garment racks are our lifeblood and we know garment racks better than anyone.

Have you ever purchased a cheap product only to rediscover that you get what you pay for? Worst of all, you have to start your search anew. Of course you have. We all have. But we’re here to make sure you don’t make that mistake again with a poorly constructed, low-quality, cheap garment rack that will only last a year or two.

Racks from Garment Racks Etc. are the only high-quality, professional-grade racks that come with a Lifetime No-Overload Guarantee. In other words, if used under normal conditions and within their specified weight limits, Garment Racks Etc. will replace or fix any of our racks that don’t live up to our high standards. That means you can rely on Garment Racks’ racks to not bend, sag or fall when you need them most, as long as they are used on level floors and not exposed to high winds. That’s how much we believe in our garment racks.

Think about it: A single investment in Garment Racks’ racks today can save plenty of money and time down the road that could be wasted replacing broken racks, waiting for new racks to arrive and finding a way to store garments without them in the meantime, potentially damaging clothing or uniforms, which could result in additional costly repairs. It’s simply not worth the risk or wasted time.

Instead, trust Garment Racks Etc. Our racks are designed to be heavy lifters. Thanks to their sturdy construction, they’re capable of holding hundreds of pounds in garments, which also means a single Garment Racks rack can do the job of multiple flimsier racks that use thin-gauge metal and plastic parts - you can actually save money with this added functionality. But even the most well-constructed competitors’ models can only hold about one-fifth of the weight our models can.

In fact, our racks have load capacities of 250 pounds to 500 pounds.

In other words, you’ll have to buy five of their racks to hold the same load. That’s not such a great deal after all, is it?

Our superior load capacities are a feature we proudly demonstrate in our two-burly-guy-chin-up test in which not one but two burly guys literally hang all of their weight from one of our racks. See our website for photographic evidence. No competitor is bold enough to make a comparable claim because their racks simply can’t stand up to the strain. And if Garment Racks’ racks can hold two large men, just think how many uniforms, gowns, jackets, etc. they can hold for years to come - a lifetime, in fact.

Garment Racks also features special Z-shaped bases, which allow for easy storage when not in use. Unlike most racks, which are bulky and inconvenient, our racks can be nested when not in use.

Here’s another thought: Most of the garments our racks store aren’t one-size-fits-all, so the racks shouldn’t be either. Garment Racks’ racks have a range of heights and bases, from about 4 to 7 feet, as well as additional options to accommodate your unique garment situation. That includes seven powder-coated base finishes, as well as heavy-duty casters and large rubber wheels to make rolling from location to location easy, and a host of accessories like shelves, covers and bumpers to further personalize your rack or racks.

In addition to our professional-grade Z Garment Racks, we also offer variations, including: the Easy Assembly Series Z Garment Racks, which, as the name implies, have only six parts and four wheels, which makes them easy to put together without compromising the integrity of the racks and come with additional options like second hang rails, bottom fold-up shelves and wire grid top shelves for additional storage; Z Four-in-One Garment Racks, which have adjustable heights and can be configured multiple ways; and Double Rail Z Garment Racks, which have a load capacity of 400 pounds and ten feet of hanging space split between two rails.

Competing racks simply don’t offer that kind of variety.

In fact, we believe so strongly in ensuring that you have the best product for your needs, if you don’t see the exact garment rack you’re looking for on our website, please reach out to us directly. Our racks are customizable to suit virtually any need and we’ll happily work with you to find or build the perfect solution for your unique circumstances.

Besides, we have an extremely happy customer base that can vouch for our garment racks, including customers who use them at home for out-of-season storage, as well as in churches, schools and offices for heavy uniforms, and in small businesses across the country to display clothing for sale.