Z Garment  Racks 2 Height Adjustments

Commercial Grade Height Adjustable Z Garment Racks
2 Height Settings to Adjust to You
Wheel Brakes, Rubber Bumpers, Non Mar Wheels

Get the same high standards and professional quality as our other Z Garment Racks with our new line of height adjustable Z Garment Racks.

As internet sales of our sturdy, all-metal racks have continued to increase, we designed our Height Adjustable Series Z Racks to be easy to ship and easy to put together, while still maintaining the strength, quality and all-metal construction that make our racks the best. The Easy Assembly Z Garment Rack has only six parts and four wheels to put together Can't decide on a 5-ft or 6-ft upright? No worries, our Easy Assembly Z Racks now come with a built in 1-ft height adjustment.

All of our racks come with the “no overload guarantee.” When used under “normal conditions,” inside on level floor with no exposure to high winds, our racks will never bend, break or tip over or we’ll fix or replace the rack. Features of these Easy Assembly racks include:

  • Black or orange powder-coated bases
  • Chromed steel uprights and hang bars
  • Non-marring rubber wheels mounted on sturdy metal casters
  • Options such as second hang rails, bottom fold-up shelf and wire grid top shelf for more storage

Which Z Garment Rack is Right for You?

Home Use – Our 5-foot racks are popular for closets, basements or other storage spaces, whether you choose the Z-EA6065 easy assembly Z rack or the U.S.-made Z5B5U rack. The Z-EA6075-2R, Z5B6U-2R or Z5B7U-2R provides extra hanging space with a second hang bar.

Choir robes, theatrical costumes, marching band uniforms, athletic uniforms – The Z-EA6075 and Z5B6U both provide 70 inches of vertical hanging space to accommodate long robes or costumes and their 400-pound load capacities handle heavy garments. Model Z5B6U-RS offers a bottom shelf for transporting items like footwear and accessories along with hanging garments.

White Board Rack - Stanford Design recommends the Z-EA6075-2R for creating a mobile white board. The second hang rail can be placed at various heights to provide the bottom support for the white board and the large wheels with brakes make the rack easily mobile.

For Flexibility - If you're not sure which rack to choose, or if you may need to use it for multiple situations, consider the highly versatile Z41 Series ZEA-4IN1 single rail or the ZEA-4IN1-2R double rail racks which let you adjust the height to four different settings, ranging from 5 feet to 7 feet.