All Chrome Rack Adjustable

Adjustable Chrome Clothes Rack

Our adjustable chrome clothes rack gives you industrial-level strength and performance without an industrial look. Why not put your clothes on a rack that looks as good as the garments? Our chrome clothes rack combines good looks with strength and versatility to provide a good solution for home or professional use.

The good looks come from the chrome tubing, which gives our rack a sleek, modern appearance. The strength comes from our all-metal construction. There are no flimsy or flexible plastic parts to break or fail on our chrome clothes rack, so it will live up to its 250-pound load capacity. In addition to the strength of the chrome tubing, the rack rolls on industrial-grade 3.5-inch casters and wheels for easy movement, stability and strength. The rack’s versatility comes from the wide range of adjustment built right into it. The height can be adjusted from 61 inches to 81 inches, depending on your needs. This lets you choose the amount of vertical hanging space you need, ranging from 46 inches to 66 inches, so you can accommodate garments of all sizes.

Our adjustable chrome clothes rack is an attractive way to display or store clothing in your home or business, or provide a strong and reliable rack for hanging outerwear, uniforms or robes in a school, church, office or other setting.

For even greater protection of your garments in storage, complement our adjustable chrome clothes rack with our high-quality, protective garment bags, which provide waterproof, mildew-resistant protection. Garment Racks Etc. has a wide range of products to protect, store and display your clothing, and all of it is made to our professional-grade standards.