Z Garment Racks 2 Rail

Double Rail Z Racks

Make the most of available space with the selection of Double Rail Z Garment Racks from Garment Racks Etc. All of our double rail racks have a load capacity of 400 pounds, so you can be confident when loading down their full 10 feet of hanging space. After all, what is the point of having two rails if the rack is too flimsy to support the weight? Z Garment Racks are made of all-metal construction, right here in the United States, and they’re guaranteed to stand up to their load capacity promise.

Garment Racks Etc. offers a variety of double rail racks to fit various needs. Our Four-in-One rack lets you adjust the height from 5 feet to 7 feet and add or remove a second rail. It’s like having several different racks in one. Our Z5B6U-RS2 split-rail Z Garment Rack is like a closet on wheels, with a third upright in the middle of our rack and a second hanging rail on one side, so you can hang long garments on one side and two rows of smaller clothing on the other. Choose either 6-foot or 7-foot uprights.

Our double-rail collapsible garment racks provide another convenient option for displaying, storing or moving heavy loads of garments. These collapsible racks have two parallel hang bars to make the most of your available space. Each hang bar is 4 feet long and has a 1-foot pull-out on each end, so you can expand the hanging space by 2 feet on each rail. The hanging rails can also be adjusted to three different heights for more flexibility. That’s not the end of the convenience features. Because it is collapsible, this rack also makes the most of your space when you’re not using it. It folds up to just 5 inches for storage. Our collapsible racks have a load capacity of 250 pounds.

All of our double-rail racks offer the same strength quality as our other garment racks.